Returns information about a glyph in the glyph list.

This function is used to iterate through all the glyphs the current class can use, whether known or not.

The spell ID referenced in the fifth return castSpell refers to the spell used to put the glyph in the socket -- not the Inscription spell that creates a glyph item, but the spell associated with that item's "Use:" effect.

See also Glyph functions.


name, glyphType, isKnown, icon, castSpell = GetGlyphInfo(index)


  • index - Which glyph button to query (between 1 and GetNumGlyphs()) (number)


  • name - Full name of the glyph (localized) (string)
  • glyphType - 1 for minor glyphs, 2 for major glyphs, 3 for prime glyphs (number)
  • isKnown - True if the glyph is known, false otherwise (boolean)
  • icon - Path to a texture for the glyph (string)
  • castSpell - Spell ID of the spell that will inscribe the glyph into a socket (number)