Returns information about CPU usage by a frame's script handlers. Only returns valid data if the scriptProfile CVar was set to 1 on last UI reload; returns 0 otherwise.

OnUpdate CPU usage is not included (tested at ver 6.0.3). Other scripts (e.g. OnEvent, OnShow) are included.

Note that the CPU time is the sum of the time spent in the frame's CURRENT script handler functions, so if you change the handlers, or nil them out, the reported CPU time will change.

See also Debugging and Profiling functions.


usage, calls = GetFrameCPUUsage(frame, includeChildren)


  • frame - A Frame object (table)
  • includeChildren - True to include CPU usage by children of the frame; false to include only the frame itself. Default is TRUE. (boolean)


  • usage - Amount of CPU time used by the frame's script handlers (in milliseconds) since the UI was loaded or ResetCPUUsage() was last called (number)
  • calls - Number of function calls made from the frame's script handlers (number)