Returns information about an equipment set (specified by index)

See also Equipment Manager functions.


name, icon, setID, isEquipped, numItems, numEquipped, numInventory, numMissing, numIgnored = GetEquipmentSetInfo(index)



  • name - Name of the equipment set (string)
  • icon - Path to an icon texture for the equipment set (string)
  • setID - Internal ID number for the set (not used elsewhere in API) (number)
  • isEquipped - If the set is equipped returns true, if not, false (boolean)
  • numItems - Number of items in the set (number)
  • numEquipped - Number of items in the set currently equipped (number)
  • numInventory - Number of items from the set in current bags (number)
  • numMissing - Number of items missing from the set (current bags) (number)
  • numIgnored - Number of ignored slots (number)