Returns information about a specific currency refunded for returning an item to vendors. See GetContainerItemPurchaseInfo for more information about alternate currency refunds.

See also Container functions, Merchant functions, Currency functions.


texture, quantity, link = GetContainerItemPurchaseItem(container, slot, index)


  • container - Index of one of the player's bags or other containers (number, containerID)
  • slot - Index of an item slot within the container (number, containerSlotID)
  • index - Index of the currency type; between 1 and itemCount, where itemCount is the 4th return from GetContainerItemPurchaseInfo() for the same container and slot (number)


  • texture - Path to an icon texture for the currency item (string)
  • quantity - Quantity of the currency item to be refunded (number)
  • link - Hyperlink for the currency item (itemLink)