Returns information about alternate currencies refunded for returning an item to vendors.

Items bought with alternate currency (honor points, arena points, or special items such as Emblems of Heroism and Dalaran Cooking Awards) can be returned to a vendor for a full refund, but only within a limited time after the original purchase.

If the given container slot is empty, contains an item which cannot be returned for an alternate currency refund, or contains an item for which the refund grace period has expired, all returns are nil.

See also Container functions, Merchant functions, Currency functions.


money, itemCount, refundSec, currecycount, hasEnchants = GetContainerItemPurchaseInfo(container, slot, IsEquipped)


  • container - Index of one of the player's bags or other containers (number, containerID)
  • slot - Index of an item slot within the container (number, containerSlotID)
  • IsEquipped - wheather to get an equipped item info (boolean)


  • money - Amount of copper to be refunded (number)
  • itemCount - Number of different item currencies to be refunded (e.g. the price a PvP mount is in 3 currencies, as it requires multiple battlegrounds' Marks of Honor) (number)
  • refundSec - Seconds remaining until this item is no longer eligible to be returned for a refund (number)
  • currecycount - Amount of currency to be refunded (number)
  • hasEnchants - weather the item is enchanted (number)