Returns information about an item in the player's bags

See also Container functions.


texture, count, locked, quality, readable, lootable, link, isFiltered, hasNoValue, itemID = GetContainerItemInfo(container, slot)


  • container - Index of one of the player's bags or other containers (number, containerID)
  • slot - Index of an item slot within the container (number, containerSlotID)


  • texture - Path to the icon texture for the item (string)
  • count - Number of items in the slot (number)
  • locked - 1 if the item is locked; otherwise nil. Items become locked while being moved, split, or placed into other UI elements (such as the mail, trade, and auction windows). (1nil)
  • quality - Quality (or rarity) of the item (number, itemQuality)
  • readable - 1 if the item is readable; otherwise nil. This value is used by the default UI to show a special cursor over items such as books and scrolls which can be read by right-clicking. (1nil)
  • lootable - 1 if the item is a temporary container containing items that can be looted; otherwise nil. Examples include the Bag of Fishing Treasures and Small Spice Bag rewarded by daily quests, lockboxes (once unlocked), and the trunks occasionally found while fishing. (1nil)
  • link - A hyperlink for the item (itemLink)
  • isFiltered - true if the slot does not match the contents of the item search box, false otherwise. In the default UI, true means the slot is greyed out. (boolean)
  • hasNoValue - true if the item has no sale price / merchant won't accept it (boolean)
  • itemID - the item's itemID (number, itemID)