Returns the gems socketed in an item in the player's bags. The IDs returned refer to the gems themselves (not the enchantments they provide), and thus can be passed to GetItemInfo() to get a gem's name, quality, icon, etc.

See also Container functions.


gem1, gem2, gem3 = GetContainerItemGems(container, slot)


  • container - The index of the container (bagID)
  • slot - The slot within the given container; slots are numbered left-to-right, top-to-bottom, starting with the leftmost slot on the top row (number)


  • gem1 - Item ID of the first gem socketed in the item (itemID)
  • gem2 - Item ID of the second gem socketed in the item (itemID)
  • gem3 - Item ID of the third gem socketed in the item (itemID)