Returns information about an entry in the channel list display

See also Channel functions.


name, header, collapsed, channelNumber, count, active, category, voiceEnabled, voiceActive = GetChannelDisplayInfo(index)



  • name - Name of the channel or header (string)

  • header - 1 if the entry is a group header; otherwise nil (1nil)

  • collapsed - 1 if the entry is a collapsed group header; otherwise nil (1nil)

  • channelNumber - Number identifying the channel (as returned by GetChannelList() and used by SendChatMessage() and other channel functions) (number)

  • count - Number of characters in the channel (number)

  • active - 1 if the channel is currently active; otherwise nil. (Used for special server channels, e.g. "Trade" and "LookingForGroup", which can only be used under certain conditions) (1nil)

  • category - Category to which the chat channel belongs (string)

    • CHANNEL_CATEGORY_CUSTOM - Custom channels created by players
    • CHANNEL_CATEGORY_GROUP - Group channels (party, raid, battleground)
    • CHANNEL_CATEGORY_WORLD - World channels (General, Trade, etc.)

  • voiceEnabled - 1 if voice chat is enabled for the channel; otherwise nil (1nil)

  • voiceActive - 1 if voice chat is active for the channel; otherwise nil (1nil)