Returns info about teams and their rating and MMR in a rated arena match. Usable following the UPDATE_BATTLEFIELD_SCORE event.

See also Battlefield functions.


teamName, teamRating, newTeamRating, teamMMR, numPlayers = GetBattlefieldTeamInfo(index)


  • index - Index of a team in the arena match (number)
    • 0 - Green Team/Horde
    • 1 - Gold Team/Alliance


  • teamName - Name of the team (string)
  • teamRating - The team's rating at the start of the match (number)
  • newTeamRating - New rating for the team when the match is complete (number)
  • teamMMR - The team MMR at the start of the match (number)
  • numPlayers - Number of players in the team (number)