Returns information about the selected barber shop style option

See also Barbershop functions.


name, unused, cost, isCurrent = GetBarberShopStyleInfo(styleIndex)


  • styleIndex - Index of a style option (number)
    • 1 - Hair (or Horn) Style
    • 2 - Hair (or Horn) Color
    • 3 - Varies by race and gender: Facial Hair, Earrings, Features, Hair, Horns, Markings, Normal, Piercings, or Tusks


  • name - Name of the style option, or nil if the style is not named (string)
  • unused - Currently unused (string)
  • cost - Price of applying the style option, not including changes to other style options (in copper) (number)
  • isCurrent - 1 if the style option matches the character's existing style; otherwise nil (1nil)