Returns information about a currency marked for watching on the Backpack UI

See also Currency functions.


name, count, extraCurrencyType, icon, itemID = GetBackpackCurrencyInfo(index)


  • index - Index of a 'slot' for displaying currencies on the backpack (between 1 and MAX_WATCHED_TOKENS) (number)


  • name - Name of the currency type (string)

  • count - Amount of the currency the player has (number)

  • extraCurrencyType - Type of the currency (number)

    • 0 - Item-based currency
    • 1 - Arena points
    • 2 - Honor points

  • icon - Path to an icon texture representing the currency item (for Honor/Arena points, not the icon displayed in the default UI) (string)

  • itemID - ID for the currency item (number)