Returns the current sort settings for auction data. The index argument describes priority order for sort criteria: e.g. if GetAuctionSort("list",1) returns quality and GetAuctionSort("list",2) returns level,1, items are sorted first by itemQuality and items with the same quality are sorted by required level.

See also Auction functions.


criterion, reverse = GetAuctionSort("list", index)


  • list - Type of auction listing (string)

    • bidder - Auctions the player has bid on
    • list - Auctions the player can browse and bid on or buy out
    • owner - Auctions the player placed

  • index - Index of a sorting priority (number)


  • criterion - Non-localized string naming the criterion (or column in the default UI) by which listings are sorted (string)
  • reverse - 1 if listings are sorted in reverse order; otherwise nil. "Reverse" here is relative to the default order, not to absolute value: e.g. the default order for quality is descending (Epic, Rare, Uncommon, etc), but the default order for level is ascending (1-80) (1nil)