Returns a list of localized subclass names for a given item class. Item subclasses are the second level of hierarchy seen when browsing item classes (categories) at the Auction House: One-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Axes, Bows, Guns, et al for Weapon; Cloth, Leather, Plate, Shields, et al for Armor; Food & Drink, Potion, Elixir et al for Consumable; Red, Blue, Yellow, et al for Gem; etc.

This function still returns valid information if the player is not interacting with an auctioneer.

See also Auction functions.


... = GetAuctionItemSubClasses(classIndex)



  • ... - A list of strings, each the name of an item subclass; or nil if the class contains no subclasses (list)


-- Example 1 - Prints a list of the subclasses for each item class
function printSubClasses(...)
  for class = 1, select("#", ...) do
    print(select(class, ...).. ":", strjoin(", ", GetAuctionItemSubClasses(class)))

-- Example 2 - Fetch a list of classIndex (e.g. "Weapon") sub-types:
local weaponSubTypesList = GetAuctionItemSubClasses(1); --1="Weapon"   

-- Some example item sub-classes are:
--      "One-Handed Axes",
--      "Two-Handed Axes",
--      "Bows",
--      "Guns",
--      "One-Handed Maces",
--      "Two-Handed Maces",
--      "Polearms",
--      "One-Handed Swords",
--      "Two-Handed Swords",
--      "Staves",
--      "Fist Weapons",
--      "Miscellaneous",
--      "Daggers",
--      "Thrown",
--      "Crossbows",
--      "Wands",
--      "Fishing Poles"