Returns information about an auction listing

See also Auction functions.


name, texture, count, quality, canUse, level, minBid, minIncrement, buyoutPrice, bidAmount, highestBidder, owner, sold = GetAuctionItemInfo("list", index)


  • list - Type of auction listing (string)

    • bidder - Auctions the player has bid on
    • list - Auctions the player can browse and bid on or buy out
    • owner - Auctions the player placed

  • index - Index of an auction in the listing (number)


  • name - Name of the item (string)
  • texture - Path to an icon texture for the item (string)
  • count - Number of items in the stack (number)
  • quality - The quality (rarity) level of the item (number, itemQuality)
  • canUse - 1 if the player character can use or equip the item; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • level - Required character level to use or equip the item (number)
  • minBid - Minimum cost to bid on the item (in copper) (number)
  • minIncrement - Minimum bid increment to become the highest bidder on the item (in copper) (number)
  • buyoutPrice - Buyout price of the auction (in copper) (number)
  • bidAmount - Current highest bid on the item (in copper); 0 if no bids have been placed (number)
  • highestBidder - 1 if the player is currently the highest bidder; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • owner - Name of the character who placed the auction (string)
  • sold - 1 if the auction has sold (and payment is awaiting delivery; applies only to owner auctions); otherwise nil (number)