Returns a list of the inventory subtypes for a given auction house item subclass. Inventory types are the second level of hierarchy seen when browsing item classes (categories) and subclasses at the Auction House: Head, Neck, Shirt, et al for Miscellaneous; Head, Shoulder, Chest, Wrist, et al for Cloth; etc.

This function still returns valid information if the player is not interacting with an auctioneer.

See also Auction functions.


token, display, ... = GetAuctionInvTypes(classIndex, subClassIndex)


  • classIndex - Index of an item class (in the list returned by GetAuctionItemClasses()); currently, inventory types are only applicable in class 2 (armor) (number)
  • subClassIndex - Index of an item subclass (in the list returned by GetAuctionItemSubClasses(classIndex)); currently, inventory types are only applicable in the armor subclasses listed below: (number)
    • 1 - Miscellaneous
    • 2 - Cloth
    • 3 - Leather
    • 4 - Mail
    • 5 - Plate


  • token - Name of a global variable containing the localized name of the inventory type (e.g. INVTYPE_FINGER) (string)
  • display - 1 if the inventory type should be displayed; otherwise nil (used in the default auction UI to hide subclass/invType combinations that don't exist in the game; e.g. Plate/Back, Leather/Trinket, etc) (1nil)
  • ... - Additional token, display pairs for each inventory type listed (list)