Get name, icon, index, and fragment for a race. See GetNumArcheologyRaces() for the raceIndex numbers.

See also Archaeology profession functions.


raceName, raceTexture, raceItemID, numFragmentsCollected, numFragmentsRequired, maxFragments = GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(raceIndex)



  • raceName - Name of the race (string)
  • raceTexture - Path to the texture (icon) used by this race in the Archaeology UI (string)
  • raceItemID - The itemID for the Keystone this race uses (number)
  • numFragmentsCollected - Number of collected fragments for this race (number)
  • numFragmentsRequired - Number of fragments required to solve the current artifact (number)
  • maxFragments - Maximum number of fragments that can be carried (number)