Returns information about an addon

See also Addon-related functions.


name, title, notes, loadable, reason, security = GetAddOnInfo("name") or GetAddOnInfo(index)


  • name - Name of an addon (name of the addon's folder and TOC file, not the Title found in the TOC) (string)
  • index - Index of an addon in the addon list (between 1 and GetNumAddOns()) (number)


  • name - Name of the addon (name of the addon's folder and TOC file) (string)

  • title - Title of the addon (from the Title header in the addon's TOC file) (string)

  • notes - Contents of the Notes header in the addon's TOC file (string)

  • loadable - If the addon can currently be loaded (1nil)

  • reason - If the addon cannot be loaded, an unlocalized string token indicating the reason for failure. Localized strings for display can be found by prepending "ADDON_"; e.g. ADDON_DEP_MISSING == "Dependency missing". (string)

    • BANNED - Banned
    • CORRUPT - Corrupt
    • DEP_BANNED - Dependency banned
    • DEP_CORRUPT - Dependency corrupt
    • DEP_DISABLED - Dependency disabled
    • DEP_INCOMPATIBLE - Dependency incompatible
    • DEP_INSECURE - Dependency insecure
    • DEP_INTERFACE_VERSION - Dependcy out of date
    • DEP_MISSING - Dependency missing
    • DEP_NOT_DEMAND_LOADED - Dependency not loadable on demand
    • DISABLED - Disabled
    • INCOMPATIBLE - Incompatible
    • INSECURE - Insecure
    • INTERFACE_VERSION - Out of Date
    • MISSING - Missing
    • NOT_DEMAND_LOADED - Not loadable on demand

  • security - "SECURE" for Blizzard built-in addons (or other digitally signed Blizzard-produced addons); "BANNED" for black-listed addons; otherwise "INSECURE" (string)