Returns the amount of CPU time used by an addon. Only returns valid data if the scriptProfile CVar is set to 1; returns 0 otherwise.

The value returned is from a cache only updated when calling UpdateAddOnCPUUsage(). This value is the sum of GetFunctionCPUUsage() for all functions created on the addon's behalf -- note that if the addon calls external functions which in turn create new functions, the new functions are considered to belong to the addon.

See also Debugging and Profiling functions.


usage = GetAddOnCPUUsage("name") or GetAddOnCPUUsage(index)


  • name - Name of an addon (name of the addon's folder and TOC file, not the Title found in the TOC) (string)
  • index - Index of an addon in the addon list (between 1 and GetNumAddOns()) (number)


  • usage - Amount of CPU time used by the addon (in milliseconds) since the UI was loaded or ResetCPUUsage() was last called (number)