Returns suggested declensions for a name. In the Russian language, nouns (including proper names) take different form based on their usage in a sentence. When the player enters the base name for a character or pet, the game suggests one or more sets of variations for the five additional cases; the player is asked to choose from among the suggestions and/or enter their own. (The set of declensions ultimately chosen/entered by the player are only used internally and not available to addons.)

Has no effect in non-Russian-localized clients.

See also Locale-specific functions.


genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, prepositional = DeclineName("name", gender, declensionSet)


  • name - Nominative form of the player's or pet's name (string)

  • gender - Gender for the returned names (for declensions of the player's name, should match the player's gender; for the pet's name, should be neuter) (number)

    • 1or nil - Neuter
    • 2 - Male
    • 3 - Female

  • declensionSet - Index of a set of suggested declensions (between 1 and GetNumDeclensionSets(name,gender). Lower indices correspond to "better" suggestions for the given name. (number)


  • genitive - Genitive form of the name (string)
  • dative - Dative form of the name (string)
  • accusative - Accusative form of the name (string)
  • instrumental - Instrumental form of the name (string)
  • prepositional - Prepositional form of the name (string)