Confirms the player's intent regarding an item up for loot rolling. Usable after the CONFIRM_LOOT_ROLL event fires, warning that an item binds on pickup.

See also Loot functions.


ConfirmLootRoll(id, rollType)


  • id - Index of an item currently up for loot rolling (as provided in the START_LOOT_ROLL event) (number)
  • rollType - Type of roll action to perform (number)
    • 0 - Pass (declines the loot)
    • 1 - Roll "need" (wins if highest roll)
    • 2 - Roll "greed" (wins if highest roll and no other member rolls "need")
This function does not prompt the user for confirmation before its results take effect -- that behavior is provided by the default UI, and this function is called from the confirmation dialog