Advances the "cursor" position used by other CombatLog functions. Information about the entry at the "cursor" position can be retrieved with CombatLogGetCurrentEntry(). That function then advances the cursor to the next entry, so calling it repeatedly returns all information in the combat log -- this function can be used to "rewind" the combat log to retrieve information about earlier events or skip entries without retrieving their information.

See also CombatLog functions.


hasEntry = CombatLogAdvanceEntry(count, ignoreFilter)


  • count - Number of entries by which to advance the "cursor"; can be negative to move to a previous entry (number)
  • ignoreFilter - True to use the entire saved combat log history; false or omitted to use only events matching the current filter (boolean)


  • hasEntry - 1 if an entry exists at the new cursor position; otherwise nil (1nil)