Picks up an item from or puts an item into the "Create Auction" slot. If the cursor is empty and the slot contains an item, that item is put onto the cursor. If the cursor contains an item and the slot is empty, the item is placed into the slot. If both the cursor and the slot contain items, the contents of the cursor and the slot are exchanged.

Only has effect if the player is interacting with an auctioneer (i.e. between the AUCTION_HOUSE_SHOW and AUCTION_HOUSE_CLOSED events). Causes an error message (UI_ERROR_MESSAGE) if the item on the cursor cannot be put up for auction (e.g. if the item is soulbound).

See also Auction functions, Cursor functions.




-- Places the first item in your backpack in the auction house item slot
PickupContainerItem(0, 1)