Removes a group role assignment from a member of the player's party or raid. If no unit (or name) is given, removes the role assignment from all members of the party or raid.

See also Party functions, Raid functions.


ClearPartyAssignment("assignment" [, "unit"]) or ClearPartyAssignment("assignment" [, "name" [, exactMatch]])


  • assignment - A group role to assign to the unit (string)

    • MAINASSIST - Remove the main assist role
    • MAINTANK - Remove the main tank role

  • unit - A unit in the player's party or raid (string, unitID)

  • name - Name of a unit in the player's party or raid (string)

  • exactMatch - True to check only units whose name exactly matches the name given; false to allow partial matches (boolean)

This function is protected and can only be called by the Blizzard user interface