Returns whether the player can perform an auction house query. All auction query types are throttled, preventing abuse of the server by clients sending too many queries in short succession. Normal queries can be sent once every few seconds; mass queries return all results in the auction house instead of one "page" at a time, and can only be sent once every several minutes.

See also Auction functions.


canQuery, canMassQuery = CanSendAuctionQuery("list")


  • list - Type of auction listing (string)
    • bidder - Auctions the player has bid on
    • list - Auctions the player can browse and bid on or buy out
    • owner - Auctions the player placed


  • canQuery - 1 if the player can submit an auction query; otherwise nil (1nil)
  • canMassQuery - 1 if the player can submit a mass auction query; otherwise nil (1nil)