Ends action initiated by CameraOrSelectOrMoveStart. After calling this function (i.e. releasing the left mouse button), camera movement stops and normal cursor movement resumes. If the cursor has not moved significantly since calling CameraOrSelectOrMoveStart() (i.e. pressing the left mouse button) and is over a unit, that unit becomes the player's target; if the cursor has not moved significantly and is not over a unit, clears the player's target unless the "Sticky Targeting" option is enabled (i.e. the "deselectOnClick" CVar is 0).

Used by the CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE binding (not customizable in the default UI), which is bound to the left mouse button by default.

See also Camera functions.




  • isSticky - If 1, the camera will remain static until cancelled. Otherwise, the camera will pan back to be directly behind the character (1nil)
This function is protected and can only be called by the Blizzard user interface