Returns information about a raid lockout or scheduled raid reset event. Information can only be retrieved for events which might be visible in the calendar's current month -- i.e. those in the current month as well as those in (roughly) the last week of the previous month and (roughly) the first two weeks of the following month. To reliably retrieve information for events outside the calendar's current month, first change the calendar's month with CalendarSetMonth.

See also Calendar functions.


title, calendarType, raidID, hour, minute, difficulty = CalendarGetRaidInfo(monthOffset, day, index)


  • monthOffset - Month to query relative to the calendar's currently displayed month (i.e. 0 for current month, 1 for next month, -1 for previous month) (number)
  • day - Day of the month to query (number)
  • index - Index of an event on the given day (from 1 to CalendarGetNumDayEvents()) (number)


  • title - Title displayed for the event (number)

  • calendarType - Token identifying the type of event (string)

    • RAID_LOCKOUT - Indicates when one of the player's saved instances resets
    • RAID_RESET - Indicates scheduled reset times for major raid instances

  • raidID - ID number of the instance to which the player is saved, or 0 if not applicable (number)

  • hour - Hour part of the time at which the instance resets (on a 24-hour clock) (number)

  • minute - Minute part of the time at which the instance resets (number)

  • difficulty - Difficulty of the dungeon or raid instance associated with the event (number)

    • 1 - Normal
    • 2 - Heroic