Returns information about a calendar event on a given day. Information can only be retrieved for events which might be visible in the calendar's current month -- i.e. those in the current month as well as those in (roughly) the last week of the previous month and (roughly) the first two weeks of the following month. To reliably retrieve information for events outside the calendar's current month, first change the calendar's month with CalendarSetMonth.

See also Calendar functions.


title, hour, minute, calendarType, sequenceType, eventType, texture, modStatus, inviteStatus, invitedBy, difficulty, inviteType = CalendarGetDayEvent(monthOffset, day, index)


  • monthOffset - Month containing an event relative to the calendar's currently displayed month (number)

    • -1 - Month preceding the calendar's current month
    • 0 - The calendar's current month (i.e. same month as CalendarGetMonth())
    • 1 - Month after the calendar's current month

  • day - Day of the month containing an event (number)

  • index - Index of an event on the given day (from 1 to CalendarGetNumDayEvents()) (number)


  • title - Title displayed for the event (string)

  • hour - Hour part of the event's start time (on a 24-hour clock) (number)

  • minute - Minute part of the event's start time (number)

  • calendarType - Token identifying the type of event (string)

    • GUILD_ANNOUNCEMENT - Guild announcement (does not allow players to sign up)
    • GUILD_EVENT - Guild event (allows players to sign up)
    • HOLIDAY - World event (e.g. Lunar Festival, Darkmoon Faire, Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament, Call to Arms: Arathi Basin)
    • PLAYER - Player-created event or invitation
    • RAID_LOCKOUT - Indicates when one of the player's saved instances resets
    • RAID_RESET - Indicates scheduled reset times for major raid instances
    • SYSTEM - Other server-provided event

  • sequenceType - Display cue for multi-day events, or "" if not applicable (string)

    • END - Last day of the event
    • INFO - An additional specially-labeled day related the event
    • ONGOING - Continuation of the event
    • START - First day of the event

  • eventType - Display type for the event; used in the default UI to determine which icon to show (number)

    • 0 - Holiday or other server-provided event
    • 1 - Raid dungeon
    • 2 - Five-player dungeon
    • 3 - PvP event
    • 4 - Meeting
    • 5 - Other event

  • texture - Unique portion of the path to a texture for the event (e.g. "CalendarChildrensWeek"). The mechanism by which a full texture path can be generated is not public API, but can be found in Addons/BlizzardCalendar/Blizzard_Calendar.lua after extracting default UI files with the AddOn Kit. (string)

  • modStatus - The player's level of authority for the event, or "" if not applicable (number)

    • CREATOR - The player is the original creator of the event
    • MODERATOR - The player has been granted moderator status for the event

  • inviteStatus - The player's status regarding the event (number)

    • 1 - Invited (also used for non-invitation/non-signup events)
    • 2 - Accepted
    • 3 - Declined
    • 4 - Confirmed
    • 5 - Out
    • 6 - Standby
    • 7 - Signed up
    • 8 - Not signed up

  • invitedBy - Name of the character who created (or invited the player to) the event (string)

  • difficulty - Difficulty of the dungeon or raid instance associated with the event (used only for RAID_LOCKOUT and RAID_RESET events, not player-created raid/dungeon events) (number)

    • 1 - Normal
    • 2 - Heroic

  • inviteType - Invitation/announcement type for the event (number)

    • 1 - Characters can only be explicitly invited to the event (or event is a non-invite/non-signup event)
    • 2 - Event is visible to the player's entire guild; guild members can sign up and other characters can be explicitly invited