Returns the time at which a character on the selected event's invite/signup list responded. Returns all zeros if the character has not yet responded or is the event's creator.

See also Calendar functions.


weekday, month, day, year, hour, minute = CalendarEventGetInviteResponseTime(index)


  • index - Index of a character on the event's invite list (between 1 and CalendarEventGetNumInvites()) (number)


  • weekday - Index of the day of the week (starting at 1 = Sunday) (number)
  • month - Index of the month (starting at 1 = January) (number)
  • day - Day of the month (number)
  • year - Year (full four-digit year) (number)
  • hour - Hour part of the time (on a 24-hour clock) (number)
  • minute - Minute part of the time (number)