Returns the invite type for an event

See also Calendar functions.


inviteType = CalendarContextInviteType([monthOffset,] day, index)


  • monthOffset - Month containing an event relative to the calendar's currently displayed month (number)

    • -1 - Month preceding the calendar's current month
    • 0 - The calendar's current month (i.e. same month as CalendarGetMonth())
    • 1 - Month after the calendar's current month
    • nil - Use the event selected by CalendarContextSelectEvent and ignore further arguments

  • day - Day of the month containing an event (number)

  • index - Index of an event on the given day (from 1 to CalendarGetNumDayEvents()) (number)


  • inviteType - Invitation/announcement type for the event (number)
    • 1 - Characters can only be explicitly invited to the event (or event is a non-invite/non-signup event)
    • 2 - Event is visible to the player's entire guild; guild members can sign up and other characters can be explicitly invited