Returns the type of a calendar event. If all arguments are omitted, uses the event selected by CalendarContextSelectEvent.

See also Calendar functions.


calendarType = CalendarContextEventGetCalendarType([monthOffset,] day, index)


  • monthOffset - Month containing an event relative to the calendar's currently displayed month (number)

    • -1 - Month preceding the calendar's current month
    • 0 - The calendar's current month (i.e. same month as CalendarGetMonth())
    • 1 - Month after the calendar's current month
    • nil - Use the event selected by CalendarContextSelectEvent and ignore further arguments

  • day - Day of the month containing an event (number)

  • index - Index of an event on the given day (from 1 to CalendarGetNumDayEvents()) (number)


  • calendarType - Token identifying the type of event (string)
    • GUILD_ANNOUNCEMENT - Guild announcement (does not allow players to sign up)
    • GUILD_EVENT - Guild event (allows players to sign up)
    • HOLIDAY - World event (e.g. Lunar Festival, Darkmoon Faire, Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament, Call to Arms: Arathi Basin)
    • PLAYER - Player-created event or invitation
    • RAID_LOCKOUT - Indicates when one of the player's saved instances resets
    • RAID_RESET - Indicates scheduled reset times for major raid instances
    • SYSTEM - Other server-provided event