Returns information on a building in the character's garrison



buildingID, buildingName, texturePrefix, icon, description, rank, currencyID, currencyAmount, goldAmount, timeRequirement, needsPlan, isPreBuilt, possSpecs, upgrades, canUpgrade, isMaxLevel, hasFollowerSlot, knownSpecs, currentSpec, specCooldown, isBeingBuilt, timeStarted, buildDuration, timeRemainingText, canCompleteBuild = C_Garrison.GetOwnedBuildingInfo(plotID)


  • plotID - The identifier of the requested plot of land in this character's garrison. (number)


  • buildingID - (number)
  • buildingName - (string)
  • texturePrefix - (string)
  • icon - (string)
  • description - (string)
  • rank - Rank of the building in this plot, between 1 and 3 (number)
  • currencyID - The id of the currency required for upgrading this building. (number)
  • currencyAmount - The amount of the currency required for upgrading this building. (number)
  • goldAmount - The amount of gold required for upgrading this building. (number)
  • timeRequirement - The time required to update this building. (string)
  • needsPlan - (boolean)
  • isPreBuilt - (boolean)
  • possSpecs - (table)
  • upgrades - Table of buildingID, keyed by level (1-3) (table)
  • canUpgrade - true when the building has available upgrades. false when already on max level or or plans not known. (boolean)
  • isMaxLevel - (boolean)
  • hasFollowerSlot - (boolean)
  • knownSpecs - (table)
  • currentSpec - SpecID, seems to always be 0. (number)
  • specCooldown - unknown (numbernil)
  • isBeingBuilt - true when the building in this plot is still in progress. (boolean)
  • timeStarted - Timestamp when the building was placed. (number)
  • buildDuration - Total duration (in seconds) until the building is completed and can be activated. (number)
  • timeRemainingText - The time required until this building can be activated. (string)
  • canCompleteBuild - true when the build has been completed but the building has not yet been activated. (boolean)