Returns an array of available missions.. Returns an array of available missions each with the following structure:

  • description: A short description of the mission
  • cost: The cost in resources of the mission
  • duration: The display duration of the mission (45 min)
  • durationSeconds: The duration of the mission in seconds
  • level: The mission level
  • type: The display mission type (Combat)
  • locPrefix: The mission location with prefix (GarrMissionLocation-FrostfireRidge)
  • rewards: A table of the rewards indexed by the reward ID
    • title: Type of reward (currency or xp)
    • quantity: Amount for the reward (item or currency)
    • icon: Display icon for reward (currency or xp)
    • currencyID: ID of currency type (currency only)
    • itemID: ID of item (items only)
    • followerXP: amount of xp (follower xp only)
    • tooltip: string for display in tooltip (xp only)
    • name: display string for reward (xp only)
  • numRewards: Number of rewards for the mission
  • numFollowers: Number of followers the mission may have
  • state: The state of the mission
  • iLevel: The required iLevel for the mission
  • name: The display name for the mission
  • followers: Table of followers assigned to the mission
  • location: The display location for the mission(Frostfire Ridge)
  • isRare: Whether the mission is of rare quality
  • typeAtlas: Prefixed mission type (GarrMission_MissionIcon-Combat)
  • missionID: The ID of the mission that is used for other API calls.