Returns information about the player's RealID settings

See also functions.


unknownPresenceID1, battleTag, unknownPresenceID2, broadcastText, bnetAFK, bnetDND, unknown = BNGetInfo()


  • unknownPresenceID1 - Might be the player's presence ID (number, presenceID)
  • battleTag - The player's BattleTag, including the numeric code (e.g. 'John#1234'). (string)
  • unknownPresenceID2 - Seems to be always equal to unknownPresenceID1 + 1. (number, presenceID)
  • broadcastText - The player's current broadcast message (entered at the top of the friends tab) (string)
  • bnetAFK - Whether the player is AFK (Away). (boolean)
  • bnetDND - Whether the player is DND (Busy). (boolean)
  • unknown - Unknown flag (boolean)