Returns information about the specified friend of a RealID friend

See also functions.


presenceID, givenName, surname, isFriend = BNGetFOFInfo(presenceID, mutual, non-mutual, index)


  • presenceID - presenceID for the RealID friend for whom you are requesting friend info (number)
  • mutual - Should the list include mutual friends (i.e. people who you and the person referenced by presenceID are both friends with). (boolean)
  • non-mutual - Should the list include non-mutual friends. (boolean)
  • index - The index of the entry in the list to retrieve (1 to BNGetNumFOF(...)) (number)


  • presenceID - a unique numeric identifier for this friend for this session (number)
  • givenName - a |K Escape Sequence representing the friend's first/given name (string)
  • surname - a |K Escape Sequence representing the friend's Surname/Family name (string)
  • isFriend - true if this person is a direct friend of yours, false otherwise (boolean)